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Pulaski County is a narrative driving game set in rural Appalachia during the 1980s. Players are tasked with driving to a large industrial plant with their coworker. This game was developed in sixteen weeks by six senior-level students as a capstone course in a game design and development program at LoneStar College in Houston, Texas.

Install instructions

Pulaski County was developed in Unity 5.5.

To play: unzip the file. If you'd like to use an Xbox 360 controller (supported), connect it to your windows PC before running the application. From the main menu, use the Enter/Return key on your keyboard (A button on Xbox 360 controller) to begin the game.

Thank you for playing!


Pulaski County.zip 191 MB


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Such a great concept for a game!

I made a short preview for Pulaski County. At a Glance you can see what the game is like before you download it. You will never see the twist coming...